Monday, 19 March 2012

Final designs for 'Confirmation of Practice'...

Okay, so I realise I never actually posted about finishing the last project, so here is a brief summary of what I did...

Basically the last project was all about music (all of my work for the immediate future is going to be inspired by music), so I listened to a lot of instrumental work and drew along with it. I deconstructed pieces so that I could draw the different ornamentation e.g. mordants, turns etc. as visuals which then became the foundation for my designs.

I decided to pick a product for my design rather than make a sculpture because I liked the idea of making a music stand which could reflect the music on the score.
Below are some pictures of the design process in my sketchbook and then the final items displayed with music scores/books at my college space!!

Below is a picture of my book end/stand, designed to hold a particular book to display the front cover. In this case I chose 'The Scottish Students Songbook' (printed in 1897!!!).

Below are some photographs of my finished music stand.

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