Friday, 4 May 2012

Ater the Easter Break...

Okay, so I had a wonderful Easter but did little in the way of work due to travelling and the fact that I left most of the things I needed in Hereford...
Anyway, things have progressed in the past week or so. The business plan was finished in the airport lounge in Edinburgh and handed in with a few days to spare and I have made a few more enquiries concerning premesis etc. and have come up with some very exciting options which I am not going to bore you with!

The music stand has come a long way since first playing with the idea. The measurements have been taken to suit me sitting comfortably with my cello so that the music will sit at the right height and look in proportion to the player.

I have decided to go back to some of my original sketches of a sort of 'swan head' likeness. These shapes kept re-occuring in my sketches and I think they are important to me visually and conceptually. I had thought to make the entire piece from long sections of forged bar, but had a reality check when I made a full sized model of the main a little under four meters it would simply be too much to lift, heat and forge without a large gas furnace and out came plan B. Instead of forging ridiculous sections of bar and then welding thicker pieces on throughout to give the spread I wanted on the curves, I have decided to split the bar into several easily forged sections. I had a tutorial at the forge with A.B. and he helped decide exactly what I wanted the top section to look like which then made it easy for me to design the base to suit.
Splitting the bars up has the added bonus of creating a continuing aesthetic throughout the entire piece and save my back from any unessecary heavy lifting. I think it also looks more like a forged object than a fabricated one as well. Here are some of the designs and a small scale example of how the bar will look in steel.

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