Friday, 20 February 2015

Forging Mountains...

...and mountains of chairs!!

Yes, more chairs, and this time Jim gave me a hand making up a set of jigs to make sure all the components are the same. I haven't had the best of times making the chair frames in the past...however with these new jigs it's been so much easier matching up each half and welding everything together.

So now it's just where to put them so they're out the way...

I also got the chance to make a lovely house name sign which incorporates the silhouette of the mountains in the area. There wasn't actually any forging involved, but I got some more practice with the plasma cutter!

So that was a nice little project in between the big ones.
Here's a sneak preview of part of the next project that will hopefully be installed soon and I can show you exactly what we've (mostly Jim) been working on!

Very excited to see everything together...

Anyway, on to the bad news.

I've actually been off most of the week because I hurt my ankle pretty badly last Sunday. I had an amazing birthday weekend with friends, went for an awesome walk at Tentsmuir beach...

...did a lot of jumping...
Then decided to join my friends at the climbing center. This was also awesome, right up until the last minute when I should have stopped and instead went into the bouldering section and had a really awkward fall.
So now my right ankle is twice the size of my left...

and is pretty badly bruised and it hurts. A lot. Most importantly though is that I CAN'T GET MY SHOES ON LET ALONE WORK BOOTS! (Or drive safely...)
So I haven't been into work because I feel I would be a safety hazard and not actually be able to do much as I'm supposed to keep icing it and slowly increasing the amount of weight I should put on it.
Not the best week I have to say and Jim if you're reading this, I am sorry for injuring myself...again.

I will be back on Monday and ready to work extra hard!!

So, that's about all my news for now.
Take care and have a good weekend :)

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