Tuesday, 25 November 2014

More Work...

So, here are some more pictures from work.

This was one of the pieces that were made for Lambs House in Leith. I don't have any pictures of the set of gates, but here's some of the claire-voie going in.

Pretty impressive building isn't it? Well I found out recently that my granny grew up in the building just around the corner! Small World...

The next piece was great to work on and I got plenty of practice forging tapers. This was a set of handrails for a house near Edinburgh which look absolutely beautiful!

Here are the finished bars ready to be cut to size then carefully placed and welded onto the MASSIVE jig that was set up in the workshop. 

Here is a couple of pictures of my boss lining up the bars to weld into place. A lot of thought goes into pieces like this because it has to look right from a number of different angles.

This is everything coming together and a nice one of the welding process!

And this is everything back from the galvanisers.

And finally some photographs from on site of everything fitting into place!

Luckily we had some pretty good weather to fit everything and I think it really compliments the house. This is one of my favourite pieces that I've worked on so far, but we're working on a couple of very interesting projects at the moment, so I'll keep you posted on how they're going.

I think that's me nearly up to date on the things I've been working on, so hopefully the next post will be about the current projects!

Take care!

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