Thursday, 7 June 2012

The three rivets from hell...

Okay, so sometimes when you are making something, you make a mistake with what you think is a very insignificant detail, which is what I thought a week ago...oh how wrong I was.
I had a few weeks where my back was playing up, which means I have to work a lot slower and not do anything too strenuous in case it gets so bad I have to stop working for a few days to recover. Anyway, I ended up rushing one day to finish the top section which I thought would be quick and then connect the top section with the middle bar, and the middle bar to the base. Simple.
Well not so simple because I made the mistake of riveting three wee rivets on the top section when I was suppose to do them last, after connecting everything else.
Due to where they were placed, it ment that the bar did not sit flush with the middle bar, so did not line up correctly. I had to then move that whole section up, then reshape, then move the section next to it and finally reshape what was a very nice little detail on the end termination of the bar (the bit on the left which holds the edge of the music score). Then I had to re-position the 'ledge' so everything lined up...
It's taken three full days to sort the top out so that the music is held and is supported enough on the left page. It's still not the way I would have liked, as it does lean a lot to the right, however it is done and looks good enough.
Somehow I still have my old bosses voice in my head saying 'Just enough isn't good enough'...but I think I've done what I could do with the time I left myself.
Some pictures will follow, so watch this space!

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