Saturday, 16 June 2012

Exit Interviews and good news...

So over the past two days I, along with the rest of my year, have been meeting with people from the creative industries. Basically gallery owners, members of the crafts council etc, who offer advice or possible work placements.
I saw five different creative persons and every single one of the interviews went really well! I think these chats are really good for finding out how other makers promote their work, how gallery owners choose work, and how to make it the business world.
So far I have one confirmed commission and a few other 'maybes' so I'm really happy!
I also had some rather good news sprung upon me on the last interview, as the lady I was chatting with pointed out that I had won an award which had been placed on the wall above my artist statement!! It's a really great honour that I was picked, and I am so happy that my hard work has paid off!
Thanks to all who helped me get through this degree and to everyone involved in the show!

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