Friday, 28 October 2011

Quick Update...

This week has been very hectic. I have finally sorted myself out enought to actually do some proper work and I have been into the forge twice this week. Not that impressive you say, but for me it was exceedingly hard to find the courage to go back in and face everyone.
Anyway, I have started to work towards what I hope will be an interesting idea. I have a few different things that I want to try out, but obviously I need to manage my time better than the previous two years. I want to have produced work that I am actually proud of for my show.

Today I had a tutorial with my blacksmithing tutor and it went surprisingly well. I don't know if this makes me feel better or worse. I explained that I hadn't been in the best of work modes of the past few weeks, but showed him what I have been working on - a series of drawings describing the pattern of a music excerpt from the 'Portuguese Love Theme' from the film 'Love Actually'.
The problem I have now is that he did not like the 'base' of the peice. He said, quite correctly, that the base should be part of the design and that I should not sacrifice the natural aesthetic because I think it would stand safely on a long flat platform which could be bolted into the ground.
Yes that is exactly right, but it doesn't really help me to figure out if I want the peice to be free-standing, perhaps with a tri-legged end termination? Or I could (if I follow the designs which incorporate strings or wires) have one of the wires acting as a support. I'm still not sure about the stringed aspect of the design. I want to make interactive peices, but I don't know if I have enough time to experiment and figure out the different tensions I would need. There are so many variables that I would need a lot of help which might not be available to me.

There are now so many things to consider I don't know where to start. I feel a bit more pressured and scared because he is backing me on my work and I can't let him down. I can't let myself down.
I do feel slightly better now, but I still like to know exactly what I'm going to make - either sampling or starting a finished design - when I go into the forge I need to know exactly what I'm doing because if I don't I flounder and hate to waste material.

Things to do before Monday:

  • Follow three of the design ideas and work on bases and top terminations. Find images of things that work for you visually

  • Chase up tutor about book

  • Start intro for dissertation

  • Fill in beginning of business plan and get information pack from the bank

  • Fill out 'life' form

  • Update learning journal and start a technical journal if necessary

  • Make at least one useful model of a design idea

  • Go to library and get research books or order in from other locations?

  • Ask for help with making toolbox

Next tutorial is on Tuesday at 9.30am

Hopefully start to add some drawings to this blog as soon as I have something worth showing.

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