Thursday, 6 October 2011

Exiting week 0...

So I arrived back in Hereford on Saturday 1st October and started work as a student ambassador on Monday. So far I've helped out every day/evening and today had my project introduction. I also have to re-write my dissertation proposal and refine the ideas. It should link in to what I'm looking at in the design project so that it can inform my work.
Things to do before Monday

  • Dissertation research and redefined proposal approx.800-1000 words

  • Statement of intent/initial research for design project

  • Book any tutorials for dissertation help

  • Check bank

  • Buy new sketchbooks

  • Join Gym

  • Pack/get rid of useless work and tidy for new acadamic year

  • Fix toolbox

  • Email blacksmiths (Shona Johnson & Christopher Jeal)

  • Ask about lockers/storage space at Holme Lacey

  • Back up work on external hard drive (buy new hard drive...)

I need to try and think of topics I could use as dissertation material and then discuss them with the tutors. I think looking at actual dissertations might help me to understand the different ways they can be layed out, and after a dissapointing end to last year I need to get my ideas straight and get all the help I can.

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  1. You sound busy, in a good productive way. I am co-incidentally going to try to start blogging again, we'll see how it goes! It means I should be on more often checking out what's happening so keep posting :)