Friday, 17 May 2013

Forging a Forest...

So after a wee wait for some final measurements, I was able to forge out the rest of the curtain rail brackets I was working on around Easter time. I really enjoyed this project and it was exciting to work on something that I've never done before. I don't usually work with flat bar because I've never needed to, so it was great to experiment a bit and see what I could do.
I went with a range of designs which are sort of stylised tree forms which I think worked quite well and it's brought on some ideas for other products which I hope to make sometime in the near future. I will add some photographs at the end of this post, so check them out and if you have time, let me know what you think!

I'm really enjoying my work at the moment and the group of students which are in at the moment are a great laugh and I like being able to spend a wee bit of time each day giving them a hand with their work.

I have also nearly finished a log basket that I was commissioned to make a while ago, and all it needs is a few support bars and then it's ready for cleaning and finishing.

For now though I am taking a wee break as I've injured my right arm...I hope it's nothing serious but I think it's better to wait and see what the doctor says on Tuesday rather than risk damaging it further.
I went to see Kim Richey play in Cafe Borsa in Dundee and she was amazing! I really love her music and she's one of the artists who inspired me to start playing guitar and sing, so it was great to see her again. I saw her about four or five years ago in Edinburgh and I bought all of the albums she had on sale. I got her to sign them, but she kept getting my name wrong on all but one, so this time when I got her new album I got her to write it down first then sign the album...she was like 'Are you sure that's how you spell it?'. I really wanted to say to her that that was exactly what she had said a few years back, but I was too nervous!

Anyhoo, it was great to have a break from work, but next week I will be back on track and get stuck into making!!

Have a great day and if you have time, check out this link to Kim Richey's website!

 Music of the day is from the album 'Thorn in my Heart' by Kim Richey, so give this song a listen if you have the chance!

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