Sunday, 20 November 2011

End of Week 6... progress has been glacial, however I have managed to speed things up a bit and am altogether a bit more confident and dare I say happy with what I am doing. The past few weeks of negativity and sloth are gone, so there is no point in wishing I could go back and do more work. The time is lost but what I can do is try my best to sort things out, carry on and make a good attempt to produce some quality work.
My back is healing a bit more, but I think my physiotherapist is a bit too brutal...He told me that basically it's all my own fault for letting my back get to this stage and that because I didn't take care of it before now I may have caused permanent damage. I can do a lot to help get some mobility in it without causing pain, but it is going to take a lot of time and effort. If things go well I will be fine for a long while, but eventually it will get worse and there won't be anything I can do to make it better. What I can do is make sure I help it now so I have the longest possible pain-free time.
Anyway, on the work front I haven't got a lot but I'm getting there. Right now I'm focusing on one idea I had from a really short excerpt of music. Basically I love the way the music goes up steeply, then flicks back down and up slightly as an unfinished cadence. I found some more music that I can work from. I believe it is by the BBC Orchestra and the pieces are written by George Fenton and the music features in the documentary series 'The Blue Planet'. The first section of the first track is absolutly fantastic and very dramatic (as all music should be!)
This week I plan on making a few samples that I'm happy with so I have something good to show at the formative assessment...not exactly looking forwards to it, but it might prove useful to get different opinions about my work. My problem is that I'm not so good at taking critisism or compliments, but I'm working on it...
Hopefully following should be some photographs of my work/models that I did this weekend.

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